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Texture sprayers with granulometry up to 3 mm

Heavy duty paint sprayer for large contractor applications with texture manual gun

Larius' professional texture sprayers for moving heavy-duty materials and coatings with aggregates up to 3 mm. Professional contractor products for high performing for stucco, exterior texture sprayers and mixers with sprayer accessories.

Minipegaso Larius machine for painting quartz primer with spray gun and spray painting nozzles for abrasive products

- Higher productivity and larger capacity of fluid deliver in longer piping - Powerful and noisless compressor
- Control board with switch that allows material reversibility in case of sticking
- The pumping hose can be easily and quickly replaced without special tools
- 50 lt. material drum removable from the trolley without tools
- Funnel shape of the drum that makes easier filling and the flow of the material to the peristaltic pump
  and keeps the flow steady in the pump
- The material of the drum makes easier the cleaning preventing the material sticking
- Smooth material flow since the beginning: the material flow and pressure start only when triggering the gun
- The air atomization starts only while triggering the gun
- No risk of products contamination because there is no contact with the pumping mechanism
- Even finishing application without spells

Choose our professional texture sprayers for interior and exterior texture applications

21050 - Turbo Gun
ST 27-20 - Standard Nozzles ST 27-20
ST 27-40 - Standard Nozzles ST 27-40
ST 29-60 - Standard Nozzles ST 29-60


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Working Principle


The Minipegaso model is a pneumatic double diaphragm pump - two chambers are alternatively sucking and delivering the fluid due to the action of two PTFE diaphragms. The alternate movement is operated by the pneumatic inversion system.
Minipegaso is suitable to those applications requiring high productivity rates, where thick materials and aggregates are involved avoiding that the material will come in touch with the pump’s mechanical parts.

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