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Airless paint sprayers - Piston pump

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Larius manufactures in Italy since 1969 a complete line of th ebest professional electric airless sprayers and paint spraying equipment designed for contractors,  airless spray equipment and system, airless paint sprayer, airless spray painitng.

Top performance and high quality with our best sprayers for residential jobs and our paint spraying equipment for professional contractori.

- Exclusive electric LARIUS HEAD CONTROL system: The steering system protects the engine and the card in case
of a lack in grounding, power surges, overheating, and inappropriate extension cables.

- More uniform spray pattern

- The airless electric unit software minimizes pressure drop effects during change over

- Engine with power capacity that is suited to the machine's technical and functional characteristics.

- Ability to work in a "totally efficient" manner with respect to the suctioning and application of dense and viscous products

- Drying times are significantly reduced due to the lower input of diluent liquids to the product

- Fewer applications to "cover" the surface to be painted

- High quality components and raw materials with high resistance to wear and tear

- Pressure and spray angle are "constant" during device operation

- Easy operation - cleaning - maintenance

Airless sprayers and electric airless products can be used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs, and can easily be transported from job site to job site.

Airless spraying pumps produce an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a consistent and high quality finish.

Spray equipment is faste, more jobs can be completed in less time. Choose our compelte paint finishing solutions for the best result, Larius spraying applications simplify the process, reduce total spraying time and cut costs, reduced total manufacturing costs.

18026 - Antipulsation airless hose Ø 1/4
18270 - 18290 - 18291 - Airless - High pressure nozzles Base
21956 - Mist-less nozzles 9-65
21969 - Mist-less nozzles 17-25
AT 250 11200 - 11250 - AT 250 Manual Airless Spray Gun
SFC - Nozzles super fast clean
ST 11-40 - Standard Nozzles ST 11-40
TSC - Top spraying nozzle clean
TSC Airless nozzle - Airless spray Nozzles<br>Top Spray Clean Self-Cleaning
L91X 11130 - 11131 - L91X Airless Spray Gun
ST 51-80 - Standard Nozzles ST 51-80
18510 - 18510 - Antipulsation hose diameter 3/8
ST 19-40 - Standard Nozzles ST 19-40
ST 27-80 - Standard Nozzles ST 27-80
SFC - Airless spraying nozzles<br> Super Fast Clean Self-Cleaning


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Working Principle



The airless spray family pumps is a device used to paint in Airless-High Pressure without the help of air. The electric airless paint sprayer is runby an electric engine coupled to a gear reducer. An eccentric shaft and a piston rod allow the "alternative motion" necessary to the operation of the "pumping unit" (suction valve, piston pump, material seal gaskets) that supplies the material when the piston is both in the ascending and the descending phase: the airless spray equipment suctions the material and pushes
it towards the outlet.

Painting with an airless paint spray packages for your professional results!

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