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Airless road marking machines - Liner stripers

Airless striping applications - Line striping equipment - Airless spray painting equipment

The right line airless stripers for your professional contractor marking project

"You still have to marking the best road. Do it with Larius"

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Road striping is made easy and proficient with road striping equipment from Larius

- High quality line painting throughout application
- Easy of use and maintenance
- Sharp and even lines
- Over spray minimized
- Saves up to 30% of paint
- Vibration Reduction
- The paint dries quickly
- Reflective bead application
- Marking road signs and curves
- Intuitive use by the operator
- Options optional

LARIUS striping system built for the professional road striping contractor.Choose our road marking technology, airless striping applications and line striping solutions.

18241 - Gravity tank lt.50
18270 - 18290 - 18291 - Airless - High pressure nozzles Base
18349 - 18349 - Antistatic airless hose Ø 3/8
18354 - Kit glass beads dispenser complete - 2  manual guns
18359 - Kit glass beads dispenser complete - 1  manual gun
AT 250 11200 - 11250 - AT 250 Manual Airless Spray Gun
SFC - Nozzles super fast clean
TSC - Top spraying nozzle clean
18026 - Antipulsation airless hose Ø 1/4
26000 - Operator footboard
4720 - Seat kit
4405/3 - Kit glass beads dispenser complete - 2 automatic guns
LA 96 11701 - Automatic airless spray gun LA96 High pressure
11200 - AT 250 Airless Spray Gun


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Working Principle


LARIUS has the best airless line striper for your professional marking project, Road striping is made easy and proficient with road striping equipment, machines and systems built for the professional road striping contractor.

Larius professional airless road marking machines joins product performance with operator needs and allow marking and mainte-nance of all types lines for flooring, highways, airfields, crossin-gspedestrian,  bicycle  paths,  parking  lots,  squares  and  all  that  is  required by the codeof the road in the field of horizontal signage, guaranteeing perfect lines on different surface levels.Airless  technology  provides  high-pressure  paint  spray  througha  airless  nozzle  of  centimeter  size  versus  traditional  spraying  alow  pressure where the flow of paint is sprayed through the air supply

Net marking lines at the first “ airless spray pass”

With only one “pass” the marking line is defined uni-formly:the line of an airless spraying is linear, clear and sharp thanks to the flat cutting airless nozzle and without jag-ged effects due to the turbulence caused by the air.

Over spray minimized

Airless operation marking eliminates the classic “Over-spray” - particle dispersion of paint typical of traditional air -paint -This results  is  in  a  paint  saver,  in  the  larger  one  pro-tection  for  the  health  of  the  operator  and  the  environ-ment.Saves up to 30% of paint. Thanks  to  the  lack  of  Overspray  the  almost  totality  of  the product used is applied to the surface without wa-ste.

Vibration Reduction

Vibration reduction ensures the quality of the lines best in the road marking sector.

The paint dries quickly

Airless  marking  operation  requires  the  use  of  filtered varnish  specific  for  airless  applications,  this  in  itself means homogeneous, smooth and uniform texture that does not will make any crust, nor will it become gela-tinous or thick.The paint adheres tensely to all types of flooring, with excellent visibility and wear resistance both from traffic and from atmospheric agents. High quality paints ensure faster speeds drawing, lon-ger line visibility, and a agreeable aesthetic result.

Reflective bead application

Reflective beads apply with a gravity dispenser driven by the same command that drives the painting gun. The “spheres” automatically fall on the strip just drawn. Do not use pre-premixed beads.

Non-stick gravity tank lt.50

Thanks to the large capacity of the hopper the tracing times are prolonged due to the absence of frequent in-terruptions to effect color change.Marking road signs and curvesAirless paint gun can be released within a few seconds of  its  support  and,  thanks  to  the  10  meters  of  airless  hose  to  which  it  is  connected,  it  allows  any  work  like  marking road signs and painting walls.The  front  wheel  facilitates  marking  lines  up  to  the  si-dewalk and easy marking of bows and curves.

Intuitive use by the operator

Operator controls are in front of the handlebar to adjust the road marking machines operation with extreme ma-nageability.Options optionalLarius offers the best solutions in airless technology: airless machines can be equipped with a lot of profes-sional Accessories for different road marking needs.

Easy and fast cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning of the airless marking machine is fast due to the absenceof pressurized tank to be cleaned and therefore change times color are very short-lived.The high pressure of the road marking airless machine does not requiretherefore a preventive cleaning of the ground.Regular cleaning at work is enough to keep it the ma-chine in perfect efficiency even after long periods of inactivity.Larius Super Fast Clean airless nozzles allow cleanin-gof  the  nozzle  with  a  simple  rotating  movement without have to disassemble it.

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