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Pneumatic extrusion pumps & systems - Elevator - Follower plates

Sealant, adhesive and viscous fluids supply systems | Made in Italy

Feeding systems for viscous material applications.

Larius equips its delivery systems with compact, professional extrusion guns for the application of fluids with different viscosity and density. The delivery systems are also available in trolley version to aid in transport.

- Maximum production and operation capacity
- No sudden acceleration
- Reduced maintenance time
- Minimum level residual material in the drum
- Two level drum end alarm sensors
- End of drum pump block system
- Low downtime
- Quick drum or can replacement
- Electronic controls with custom configuration upon request
- Limited management costs
- Long use cycle
- Standard and special configurations
- Easy installation
- Small overall size

Pumping fluids different from those of the specified viscosity causes an imbalance.

The pumps and extrusion systems have been designed and rigorously tested to perform perfect suctioning of highly viscous products and to pump them with a steady stream, without sudden acceleration.

11900 LA96 - Extrusion flow gun LA95
15025 -
17500 EXT 85 - Extrusion dispense gun EXT 85
510001 -
510060 -
510770 - Follower plate single gasket for 30-litre drums for Ghibli 24:1
510810 - Heating kit follower plate with double toroidal gasket for 30lt drums
6000 - 6001 - Heating bands for drums lt.30 - lt.200
6099 - Heater
7000 - Stainless steel high pressure regulator for recirculation 10-210 bar
7030 - High pressure flow regulator low viscosity<br>10-210 bar Inox
7040 - High pressure flow regulator high viscosity<BR>Inox 10-210 bar
7050 - Mastics flow regulator<br>Stainless steel 10-320 bar
7130 - Mastics automatic flow regulator<br>10-130 bar
7180 0-7 bar - 7181 0-14 bar - Low pressure 0-7 / 0-14 bar<br>Flow regulator
7185 0-7 bar - 7186 0-14 bar - Low pressure flow regulator<br>0-7 / 0-14 bar
LA96 - LA96 Automatic extrusion<br>airless spray gun
510100 - Follower plate double toroidal gasket for 200-litre drums for Nova - Omega
510776 - Follower plate single gasket for 200-litre drums for Ghibli 24:1 - Nova 55:1
510790 - Follower plate single gasket for 30-litre drums for Omega 28:1 - Nova 55:1 - Ghibli 24:1
510760 -


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Working Principle

The Nova, Vega, Omega and Ghibli pneumatic pumps for extrusion work with a compressed air motor that
moves the piston vertically from top to bottom and viceversa. The product is suctioned by the lower pump and
carried to the outlet. The structure of the "pump unit" (suction valve, pump piston, material seal gaskets) allows
both the material and piston to be supplied in both the ascending and descending phases.
The flow rate of a pneumatic pump depends on the quantity of material that it releases during each cycle and on
the number of cycles that it completes (The cycle is the full stroke of the piston in both directions).
Pneumatic extrusion pumps are divorced: the pneumatic motor is separated from the pump and the fluid is not
in contact with the motor. In this type of transfer pump, the suction valve is not ball-shaped but that rather has a
small plate that allows the user to pump very viscous materials (up to 2 million cps)
Generally these pumps are mounted on pneumatic rams that allow for the product to be suctioned directly by the
drum and that allow for quick replacement of the drum itself.
A pressing disc, fixed to the base of the pump, compresses the material eliminating the phenomenon of cavitation,
ensures a constant flow of product and protects the materials that has not yet been pumped from contact with
dust, humidity, and from drying-out caused by contact with air.

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