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Pneumatic airless piston sprayers for painting - protective coating

Airless spray coating technology - Best family of airless protective coating sprayer


LARIUS is expert in high pressure industrial spray technology equipment for demanding protective coating airless applications:

protect airless spray packs, finishing pneumatic airless piston pump,airless paint spraying units and systems.

Larius produces a professional full range of Airless spray painting: Airless paint sprayer equipment, protect airless spray packs.accessories and spare parts.and complete range of airless pneumatic piston equipment and airless industrial spray painitng for applying a wide range of industrial, protective surface treatment and protective coatings

Airless pneumatic sprayers can be supplied in various configurations: fixed to a trolley, wall bracket or directly on the container in order to allow rapid maintenance and practical use.

Airless finishing piston spraying units are designed for extremely working conditions for airless painting

- No over spray

- Better atomisation quality

- Uniform jet spraying and constant film build

- Quick application

- Material savings

- Ice-breaker motor (Nova - Omega series)

- High flow capacity

- Sturdy structure, easy to handle and compact

- Allows you to work in all areas

-Operates in intense conditions

- Simple maintenace

LARIUS produces industrial finishing systems and professional airless accessories and spare parts for any professional high pressure  and protective coatings  applications.

Choose our corrosion resistant spray equipment and our products for protective coatings. Our anticorrosion system are an efficient way to prevent corrosion that is one of the biggest and most difficult problems for manufacturers, the owners of industrial, civil and comemrcial assets.

Our airless application process is simple and fast, efficienty and less dangerous for operators. Protect  structures with the best italian anticorrosion technology.

Painting with a Larius airless sprayer!

For further informations about our ppofessional airless solutions get in touch today + 39 0341 621 222 -224

11131 - Airless gun L91X swivel connector ¼
11250 - AT 250 airless spray gun swivel fitting ¼
18270 - 18290 - 18291 - Airless - High pressure nozzles Base
35014 - Antipulsation antistatic airless hose (max. press. 228 bar)
AT 250 11200 - 11250 - AT 250 Manual Airless Spray Gun
L91X 11130 - 11131 - L91X Airless Spray Gun
SFC - Airless spraying nozzles<br> Super Fast Clean Self-Cleaning
18510 - 18510 - Antipulsation hose diameter 3/8
21969 - Mist-less nozzles 17-25
6099 - Heater
ST 11-40 - Standard Nozzles ST 11-40
18547 - 18530 - 18535 - 18545 - 18547 - Airless hose Ø 1/4
ST 51-80 - Standard Nozzles ST 51-80


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Working Principle

High pressure paint sprayers for protective coatings and airless industrial coatings sprayers fo fine finishing applications.

The pneumatic airless spayers  and airless accessories of  Nova, Omega, Ghibli and Vega series work using the principle of
airless painting: high pressure painting without air assistance. Atomisation occurs when the product is passed at
a very high pressure (more than 120 bar) a small opening called " airless paint nozzle".
The wide range of paint spraying equipment and  spray paint units accessories satisfies every need, determined by the type of material, the flow required and the degree of airless finishing desired.

Transfer efficiency: the percentage of paint deposited is higher than the total quantity released by the machine.
High efficiency.
Airless painting exerts pressure on the product, forcing it to pass through an appropriately-sized opening
(calibrated). The product reaches such a speed and force that the impact with the air mass causes its division
into minute particles. The pressure exerted is proportional to the flow required and the physical characteristics
of the product.
The angle of the airless nozzle spray is determined by the size of the nozzle. It is necessary to change the size of the nozzle
to alter the flow rate and the fan opening.
The spray painting pump is composed only of paint; it is not subject to turbulence and is directional.

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