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Plural component sprayer equipment - Protective coatings



- High quality finishing
- Easier production cycles
- Avoids the manual mixing of 2 K products thus preventing from wrong mixing and large product waste
- Automatic control of the mixing ratio within the set parameters
- Versatile working (operate at low-medium-high pressure with manual, automatic and electrostatic spray guns)
- Constant flow rate, better adhesion and resistance of the color, thanks to the product currently being mixed
- Quick paint drying time
- Easy and friendly setting and control buttons

Larius produces:

- Powerful plural component airless paint spraying system

- Plural component application system for industry

- Multi-colours systems with variability adjustable mixing ratios

- Powerfull plural component spray painting and application unit for industry and craft trade

- Plural component heavy-duty coating system

- Plural componet sprayers for protective coatings

- 2k, plural component airless pumps

- Electronic mixing of sealant and adhesives

11000 - AT 300 Airless Spray Gun
11310 -
153 - 145 - 155 - 158 - 156 - Airless spray gun extension
18270 - 18290 - 18291 - Airless - High pressure nozzles Base
21340 / 21341 Air Assisted airless guns - L200/L201 Air assisted airless gun<br>for Air assisted airless nozzle
21342 / 21343 Air assisted airless guns - L200/L201 Air assisted airless gun<br>for Airless nozzle
21800 L400 Air assisted airless - L400 Air assisted airless gun<br>for air assisted airless nozzle
21801 L400 Air Assisted Airless - L400 Air assisted airless gun<br>for airless nozzle
21802 - Manual mist-less gun L400
21970 - Mist-less nozzles 17-40
6099 - Heater
7030 - High pressure flow regulator low viscosity<br>10-210 bar Inox
AT 250 11200 - 11250 - AT 250 Manual Airless Spray Gun
L100 - Low Pressure L100 spray gun. Side inlet
L91X 11130 - 11131 - L91X Airless Spray Gun
LA 96 11701 - Automatic airless spray gun LA96 High pressure
RAC2 - RAC2 Automatic spray gun
SFC - Airless spraying nozzles<br> Super Fast Clean Self-Cleaning
X-102 - Low pressure spray gun X-102
X-202 - Low pressure spray gun X-202
L101 - Low Pressure L101 spray gun. Side inlet
21969 - Mist-less nozzles 17-25
28800 - Electric generator for electrostatic pump
LA96 - LA96 Automatic extrusion<br>airless spray gun
STAR 3001 M-S - Star electrostatics 3001S Manual Spray gun solvent-based products
8000 - Pneumatic transfer pumps L2
8151 - Low pressure double hose (max. press. 32 bar)


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Working Principle



A and B components and the flushing solvent flow into the complete dosing system and fluids controls through the remote feeding pumps. The
pumps can be either dosing double diaphragm and piston pumps and the device can work at low, medium and high
pressure with no modifications required.
Two flow metering devices detect the volume of A and B products supplied by the  metering pumps and send a signal to
the PLC. A and B components are metered according to the set mixing ratio by the metering valves.
After having been correctly metered A and B components flow through the mixing head that mixes the two
components into a consistent fluid carried with the set pressure to the spray gun.

According to the product pot life, a timer can be set in order to activate an alarm thus preventing the already
mixed product from hardening inside the machine and hoses.
Mixing and metering equipment LARIUS provide the correct mixing ratio also when spraying operations
require a frequent gun triggering.

Choose Industrial mixing equipment systems Larius, complete line of mechanical metering, mixing, monitoring, dispensing and dosing equipment solutions.

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