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Maquinas limpiadoras a l'agua de alta presion neumaticas

18024 - Antistatic hose diameter ¼
70000 - Lanza 170 cm de largo. Mango auto ventilado
70001 -
70005 -
70002 -


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Principios de funcionamiento


For professional and intensive water cleaning in hazardous Environments.

Professional industrial pneumatic HIGH PRESSURE washers are designed for any type of washing, degreasing, disinfection and descaling.

Degrease and remove any dirty surface. Heavy Duty use with cold or hot water, to remove stubborn dirty surface like oil, grease and heat-resistant substances.

▪ Meet most of the requirements, flow and material pressure

▪ For use with standard open drums

▪ Designed for use with cold or hot water up to 93 ° C (200 ° F)

▪ Sprayer mobility

▪ Possibility to use with two guns

▪ Accurate cleaning with water, detergents or chemical solutions

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