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Chemical injection pumps



- Suitable for the injection of a wide range of injection materials. 
- Constant injection pressure to ensure even material flow
- Complete injection units, including feed container, high-pressure hose, ball valve, injection hose and non-return zerk coupling
- Variable injection pressure - Low weight, easy to handle and transport.- Cost effective injection pumps for typical small scale injection work (Hand pumps)
- Easy to operate
- Low weight
- Easy to handle and transport.

The pump is suitable for the injection of low-viscosity epoxy,polyurethane and acrylic injection resins

18756 - Bicomponet gun for dense products


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Working Principle


Problems of subsidence on the ground, cracks on the walls and water leaks? LARIUS produces injection systems for resins, pumps for the resins injection, for wall injections and to stop the water infiltration in order to sanitize, dehumidify and waterproof walls and pavings.

The water infiltration, caused by changes occurred in the groundwater, affect different materials: concrete, masonry of different composition as natural stones, bricks, steel and rock layers of confinement. The LARIUS filling injection pumps and the resins injecting systems, offer definite solutions which allow to intervene promptly where there’s a problem, related to construction joints, to the connection between vertical and horizontal elements, cracks or defaults.

Injection pumps and systems for resins

The LARIUS injection pumps and systems for resins, allow you to fix, fill and seal cracks, crevices, cracks and cavities, by putting an end to infiltration. The used materials are injected with LARIUS electric and pneumatic pumps through specific injection resins systems, which permeate the cracks. In contact with water or moisture, these materials trigger a reaction that forms a dense and elastic foam which stops the infiltration and seals hermetically the injected slot or cavity.

The LARIUS injection systems with double fluid for two-component products with fixed mixing ratio 1: 1, are ideal for cement injections and to consolidate the foundations soil. The LARIUS rehabilitation and waterproofing pumps are used in containment structures (dams, reservoirs, aqueducts, baths, swimming pools, water treatment plants, ...), in underground structures (tunnels, conduits forced, subways, sewers ...) below water table structures (basements, cellars, garage, elevators, garage ...).

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