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Airless electric sprayers - Diaphragm pumps

Spray finishing solutions - Airless spray products | Made in Italy


Larius manufactures in Italy since 1969 a complete line of professional electric airless sprayers and paint spraying equipment designed for contractors

- Superior performance

- Suitable to a wide range of product’s applications, from low to high viscosity

- Pressure and spraying angle constant during the operation of the airless painting contractor

- Special diaphragms and high quality materials to avoid wearing providing long lasting performances

- Very easy spraying, cleaning and servicing operations- Airless sprayers can be used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs, and can easily be transported from job site to job site.

- Airless sprayers produce an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a consistent and high quality finish.

- Airless spraying is faste, more jobs can be completed in less time

11200 - AT 250 Airless Spray Gun
21969 - Mist-less nozzles 17-25
35018 - Antistatic airless hose (max. press. 210 bar)
SFC - Nozzles super fast clean
ST 11-40 - Standard Nozzles ST 11-40
ST 19-40 - Standard Nozzles ST 19-40
ST 29-40 - Standard Nozzles ST 29-40
ST 29-60 - Standard Nozzles ST 29-60
TSC - Top spraying nozzle clean
35017 - High pressure hose diameter ¼
11000 - AT 300 Airless Spray Gun
ST 27-80 - Standard Nozzles ST 27-80


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Working Principle


The paint spraying equipment for professional contractor are used for airless paint spraying without atomising air . The airless paint spraying equipment is operated by an electric motor, or petrol engine, that transmits its rotating action to an eccentric connected to a piston
dipped in an oil chamber.

The piston with its alternate action sucks the oil pushing it in pressure against the diaphragm, made by an highly elastic and resistant material , that vibrates with the same frequency as the piston. This action creates a depression : the product is sucked and pushed by the diaphragm itself , towards the hose, to the airless spray gun for professional airless applicators

A dedicated valve adjusts the pressure of the oil circuit and the pressure of the product itself.

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