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Low pressure painting systems

Wood finishing solutions

7185 0-7 bar - 7186 0-14 bar - Low pressure flow regulator<br>0-7 / 0-14 bar
8151 - Low pressure double hose (max. press. 32 bar)
X-102 - Low pressure spray gun X-102
7205 Low pressure flow regulator -
7190 0-14 bar - Low pressure  flow regulator<br>thick products 0-14 bar


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Working Principle

The Larius 2 and Vega 5:1 stainless steel complete paint systems for water- and solvent- based products use
low pressure painting: the product is atomised by a compressed air jet that is also used to transport the particles
on the surfaces to be painted. The compressed air is released before the paint and when the paint goes through
the nozzle and the air head, it is atomised into tiny drops. Atomisation of the paint is controlled by adjusting the
flow of air or paint.

Larius 2 and Vega 5:1 stainless steel are noted for their:
- Solid and robust construction
- Low maintenance costs
- Easy use
- High finishing
- Reduced air consumption and low pulsations satisfy the majority of the applications of low and medium viscosity

This type of painting is done with the help of professional low pressure V71 or V77 spray guns that guarantee:
- High transfer efficiency.
- Ergonomicity and rounded surfaces for easy and fast cleaning.
- Maneuverability.

The body of the V71 and V77 spray guns is made of aluminum while the head and nozzle are made of tempered
stainless steel and the gaskets are made of PTFE. To these are joined ultra flexible low pressure double hoses
tubes to guarantee the user more freedom of movement.
To ensure better operation and increased safety, use only original Larius spare parts and accessories.

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