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Electrostatic spraying systems

Electrostatic pumps - Electrostatic spray guns



Larius professional electrostatic spray guns for industrial solutions  and for liquids for superior finishing

Larius produces in italy since 1969 professional electrostatic liquid spray systems for superior application performance
and the best surface coverage in less time.We manufacturer our products to guarantee and to maximize the work of the operators with more profits.

Our electrostatic spray guns are available in manual or automatic models and in different type of spray painitng technology:

- Airless
- Low pressure
- Air mixing

Electrostatic atomization Features & Benefits

- All our electrostatic systems have included the probe to test the resistivity of the paint
- No insulating box to change from solvent paint to water paint
- Less overspray
- Better productivity, best engineering and design materials
- Decrease the cost of product
- Increasing transfer efficiency
- Reducing materials costs
- Minimize maintenance costs
- Operator comfort
- Equipped with a probe to verify the resistivity of the paint
- Extremely easy handling
- Adjustable display directly on the gun for choosing the parameters of the working voltage

1543 - Complete electrostatic Nozzles. Plate.
25165 - Nozzles electrostatic airless. Jet fan.
25179 - Electrostatic low pressure nozzles. Jet fan. Produced water.
25191 - Electrostatic low pressure nozzles. Jet cone. Looking ring.
ST 15-20 - Standard Nozzles ST 15-20
ST 19-20 - Standard Nozzles ST 19-20
25187 - Low pressure nozzle cone. Water-based and solvent-based


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