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Air assisted airless sprayers

Finishing equipment for the professional wood finisher: combination makes the difference


Larius's air assited airless spraying equipment for fine finishing applications

- Even coverage

- High quality finishing

- No overspray

- Better atomisation quality

- Uniform jet spraying

- Quick application. Save time and products.

- The percentage of paint deposited on the piece is higher with respect to low pressure painitng

- Nozzle adjustement from fine jet to spray

- The Mist-clean nozzle with 180° rotation are self cleaning

14061 - High pressure double hose (max. press. 220 bar)
19029 - Mist-less spray nozzles
21340 - L200 - Mist-less automatic spray gun L200 Stainless stell
21341 - Mist-less automatic gun L200. With back inputs. For Mist-less nozzles
21342 - L200 - Mist-less automatic gun L200 Stainless steel
21343 - Mist-less automatic gun L201. With back inputs. For ariless nozzles
21800 - Mist less - Air assisted airless<br>L400 Air mixing nozzle
21801 - Air assisted airless spray gun<br>L400 airless nozzle + mist clean base
21802 - Manual mist-less gun L400
21900 - Base mist-less
SFC - Airless spraying nozzles<br> Super Fast Clean Self-Cleaning
TSC - Airless spray Nozzles<br>Top Spray Clean Self-Cleaning


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Working Principle

The range of pneumatic air assited airless pumps and accessories of Nova, Omega, Ghibli and Vega work using the principle of mist-less painting: high pressure and air assisted painting. Atomisation occurs when the product is passed at a
very high pressure (not less than 60 bar) via a small opening called "nozzle".
The vast range of air assisted airless finishing equipment and accessories satisfies every need, determined by the type of material, the flow
required and the degree of finishing desired.
The air assisted paint sprayer may be supplied, according to the models, on trolleys, wall brackets, or on pail in order to ensure
easy use and simple and fast maintenance.
Mist-less painting joins airless technology with low pressure technology.

The range of air assisted airless pumps is accompanied by the range of manual and automatic air mixing guns that work with the air assisted airless spray tips and the mist-clean self-cleaning nozzle (a 180° rotation is all that is required for cleaning)
The manual air assisted airless spray gun has a new version: it is equipped, both on the product and air, with revolving fittings to
make the spray gun completely free. High pressure ultra flexible double hoses are combined to the spray gun to  ensure a full manoeuvrability to the use

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