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Transfer diaphragm pumps

Fluid transfer technology | Pumps & Systems Made in Italy


Precise material handling, production efficiency, provides ratio accuracy

- ATEX certification
- Quick priming and immediate flow of product
- Outer construction is anti-corrosion and anti-leakage in order to guarantee clean fluid substitution
- The pump is never immersed in the drum: it is only immersed the suction hose
- They are not damaged if used dry
- Non-lubricated air supply
- Speed fine tuning while maintaining the high pressure
- The flow reduces the work cycles and wear and tear
- Maintenance reduced to a minimum: low internal volume reduces discharge and facilitates cleaning
- Mounted on wall brackets or directly on the tank


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Working Principle


The LARIUS 2 and LARIUS 4 double diaphragm pumps are an efficient solution for the transfer and transport
of low-medium and high-viscosity fluids. The double diaphragm pumps are composed of two chambers that,
in alternating phases, "suction" and "transport" the product. The double diaphragm pumps are used for the
transfer of liquids, to power, at low-pressure, different work points simultaneously and to use a wide range of
chemical products (glues, lacquers, paints, inks, etc...)

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